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Swiss Digital Health aims to bring together people and organisations in the healthcare, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and academic sectors to develop new ideas that will improve the global healthcare system and bring innovation to the global health chain value. It is about driving change and innovation in healthcare by breaking down barriers.

Our solutions provide a creative and dynamic environment where everyone can collaborate and rapidly prototype solutions in response to health and care challenges.

Whether you are a health institution (hospital, association, health professional), company in the field of health (start-up, SMP, industry, pharma, insurer), university or R&D institution, our services are tailored for your needs.

Dedicated tools for you

  • Workshops organized in health institutions, associations, companies and schools in order to help people to refine their vision into concrete challenges
  • Platform to submit ideas linked to health issues and comment on ideas submitted by others on the interactive “Sparkboard”
  • A fun and intense weekend of rapid prototyping healthcare ideas. The aim of the hackathon is to foster collaborative, cross-disciplinary relationships that can lead to more significant innovation in...